Picture Gallery

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13 Responses to Picture Gallery

  1. Edwin Madara says:

    Could we perhaps get a portal for uploading bygone captured moments during our time at the mission. Am sure they could be exciting

  2. Mafukidzet says:

    Guys … I love this.

  3. Ntokozo Dlodlo, 1988 - 1993 says:

    Wow! Beautiful. I wonder if a lot of people know about this.

    • Mandla Mkwananzi says:

      Are Ntokozo Dlodlo who went to Inzwananzi primary School with people like Never Nyamaredzi, Dumisani Mlilo Bekezela Moyo etc.

  4. Max34 says:

    This is impressive. I enjoyed my time in Cyrene 1980 – 1984 Gone are the good times when things were superb. Seeing the pictures makes me shed a tear. May Fr Neil John Pierce rest in peace. Thanks for everything


  5. Persy Shoko says:

    This is great.. m excited.. 98-03

  6. Tonde Chikumbo says:

    Wow…keep the light shining! Proud to be part of the family…98-2001

  7. B. Zembic says:

    Loved the life at Cyrene in the early 90s living with Neil Pierce and Christine. I imagine everyone’s retired by now, except Neil, may he rest in peace.

  8. Kudakwashe Takundwa 2004-2007 says:

    Great stuff @ times i miss the good old days at Cyrene. Hope more people will knw abt ths viva cyrenians…

  9. jimmy says:

    The 80s’ 86-89 wow,introduction of the upper level, the Thabolo,Masvingo,Mayers,Murdock-Eaton,Heeda, Dube & Neil, not always good times though with cabbages with millipedes, but it’s a memorable time.

  10. Anna says:

    Please consider supporting the school by selling prints or digital images of art from the chapel. The art is lovely and could be quite profitable! Be sure to properly license the images (for your protection) prior to beginning online sales!

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